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Updated: Mar 27, 2019

As Alybali are members of the Stonehaven Business Association we have been working with a small project team to develop a new web site called Stunning Stonehaven.

About just over a year ago we got together to work out ways to help anyone find out a bit more about and how to get around the town. After the closure of the Stonehaven Tourist Information Office in Allardice Street we ( Ian Philip (Alybali), , Simon Cruickshank (Ship Hotel), Jim Wands ( Dunnottor Castle) Sheila Howarth (Belvedere Hotel) Dawn Black ( Photographer) s developed a plan to work out how to promote Stonehaven, one way was to enhance our digital presence. by way of a website dedicated to Stonehaven. We undertook a survey to ask what our unique selling points are and used these to write up a design for the site. The key selling points we found were that many visitors either local or from outwith love to come for a walk along the front and coastline to see the harbour and enjoy the scenery.

If you have a look at the new website you will see the main headers that link the activities with areas of interest.

  • Things to do in and around Stonehaven

  • Where to eat or drink

  • the unique shops in Stonehaven

  • Walks in and around Stonehaven

  • places to stay in Stonehaven

  • historic sites

have a look at for our official website promoting our town, have fun!


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